Banged her good form behind too – Cecylia


Hooked up with this sexy blonde chick Cecylia in Bali, Indonesia. She was from Poland and having great beach holiday. This girl looked just like her twitter pictures. Really pretty and nice company too. She was a bored flight attendant and looking to relax and have some naughty fun on her holiday – hopefully with me! Have to keep the flag flying for Date Slam here ? She was so hot who wouldn’t want to get some of that Vacation Pussy? I turned up the charm and buried her in compliments, well it wasn’t hard, she was very pretty. Tall and slim nicely dressed too. I promised her all I wanted to do was take a few pictures of her. Because she was so pretty. Nothing more. Of course I had some of my usual devious Vacation Pussy plans for such a hot beauty. Judging by the pictures she was posting on twitter I knew she was up for a bit of fun. So sexy looking but a bit of a slut too. I just had to get her alone and launch my devious plan!
So we headed over to my hotel room. Started taking a few pictures. Soon I had her lying on the bed. Next we were kissing. And my hands were all over her tight little body. Nice little yellow thong under that tight skirt. And an ass to die for. I just kept squeezing those tight buns over and over. When I pulled her thong aside her pussy was shaved bald and already wet. That hot little slit was begging for a muff-dive so I dived right in there. She moaned all the way. Fucking loved it, but soon wanted more.She pulled those panties aside and I slid my length right in her. I didn’t fuck her too deep yet, just fast and shallow. She was really moaning now. Screwed her like that for ages, I just didn’t want to stop. When we stopped she undressed and I took more pictures. Now it was time to experience her blowjob skills. Very good especially seeing that pretty face sucking on my cock. What a special treat!
After that she wanted to be on top. Man what a view with her riding me, I had to really concentrate hard not to come too soon. The way she rode me she had definitely done this before, I’m sure many times. Cecylia you naughty naughty little slut! Next up an amazing 69, she was so wet I just wanted to fuck her so hard. Most of our fucking was with her on top, she couldn’t get enough of my cock and rode me till I was raw! Banged her good form behind too. Really pounded into her before shooting a thick creampie deep inside her vagina.

Date: April 9, 2019
Pornstars: Cecylia